Metcalfe Heavy Haulage

Metcalfe Heavy Haulage are able to deal with exceptional heavy haulage loads of upto 300 tons and loads which exceed 16.5m in length and are wider than 2.25m or have a height of over 3m.

Using a combination of semi-loaders, dolly systems, narrow, inter or breebbed loaders we are able to configure our vehicles to carry almost any load.

Extreme heavy haulage is more than just moving the load, it's all about managing the movement. Our project management ensures that everything is covered, the correct routes, permits, escorts in fact everything is coordinated by the Metcalfe Heavy Haulage team. This makes sure your equipment is delivered on time and to budget, allowing you to concentrate on what happens when your equipment is delivered to site not 'if' it arrives!

Heavy Haulage